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Description of game:

You are a powerful mage which defends own castle from the waves of monsters. It will not be easy! You will necessary to use your tactical skills and the impressive quantity of magic skills and magic scrolls with different effects to kill all your enemies. Using the spell upgrade system, you will raise might of your spells, to kill more powerful monsters.

Key features:

- A ton of zombies and monsters
- Awesome graphics and sounds effects
- 6 weapons of sorcery
- 4 scrolls of witchcraft

Players Reviews

This game is so much fun. You play a mage and use abilities to fight against monsters. You earn gold and other item drops as you kill the monsters. A simple and smooth running game. There are plenty of things to unlock. When you want something quick to play, this game is perfect.

not sure whether we can call the game "strategy" i would rather call it "tower defence"; overall the game is great - great graphics, great ui design, interesting levels that are more and more difficult, weapons, upgrades - everything is done properly. gaming is polished and made very addictive.

A good little tower defense game. Graphics are cool. Mechanics is simple: player must defend his tower with a mage located over a wall. He can choose 4 spells out of a total of 10 and use 4 power-ups. By killing foes obtains gold to buy items, upgrades and even a guard pet; every spell, power and enhance can be upgrade 5 times. Also there are potions for replenish mana for spells and repair the wall, and are upgradables too. The map is a side view, always the same, every level only changes the enemies kind and number. Foes are very well depicted, the best aspect of game. Gameplay is easy, quick, fun and friendly with player at begining, but last levels are challenging; no requires strategy, just only a bit of tactic.

love this game even more than Plants vs. Zombies. I just want more of all the great stuff, that is already in the game. I want more different monsters, more levels, more magic bonus robes, more spells, more treasures, more achievements and stuff to buy and maybe less clicking to collect the coins and treasure chests. I definitely would buy a dlc.

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